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Risk, Compliance, Financial Crime, Data, Legal & Regulatory Affairs

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The Premier Executive Search Specialist for Risk, Compliance, Financial Crime, Data, Legal & Regulatory

Immersed in the tracking of talent in the financial services sector's regulatory landscape for nearly two decades, a team of experienced executive search professionals launched Second Line Advisors to serve as the industry leading specialist.  The firm was established as the strategic solutions partner and advisor for the continuously evolving functions considered as the Second Line of Defense - Regulatory Compliance, Risk Management, Financial Crime Compliance, Anti-Fraud, Data Management, Legal and Regulatory Affairs; some of which are owned or embedded in the First or Third Lines of Defense.  

Each "Line" has had a sizable evolution the last 15 years, however automation, data and analytics are playing the most important part of how controls and assurance are evolving in today's marketplace.

Global Experience & Expertise Built on Trust, Discretion and Confidentiality

Our consultants have experience with search engagements around the globe with entities of various sizes and specializations across banking, wealth & asset management, insurance, consulting & advisory and financial technology.  Trusted relationships and partnerships with both clients and candidates are the key elements and successes of our business.  

Retained Search with Service, Accuracy and Dedication

We take pride in providing our clients with attention, quality service, accurate information, speed and process.  Flexibility and understanding our clients' needs is how we believe business should be, proven by our long-standing relationships and track records. 

Why Clients Partner with US

Partnership & Integrity

We have built a reputation on trust, discretion and confidentiality.  We understand the evolving dynamic of the search industry and have developed a track record of partnership and service for our clients.  


Being a specialist in the regulatory-oriented niche is what drives us.  We have established relationships with executives across various functions, each with robust responsibilities for their organization's regulatory framework and oversight. 

Flexible and Hands-on

Being a boutique we roll up our sleeves and do it all.   As an emerging firm we have the opportunity to be flexible with our clients' needs while provide quality solutions. 

Areas of Specialization

Compliance & Financial Crime

Regulatory Compliance and Financial Crime Compliance (BSA/Anti-Money Laundering, Fraud, Sanctions, Anti-Corruption) are a core foundation to our network and client success list.  We keep ongoing discussions with industry leaders as well as those with the tangential skill set.  

Risk Management & Controls

The 2nd Line Risk function within financial services has developed multiple segments beyond its measurement and quantitative pillars, including Operational Risk, Data, Stress Testing and various Technology and automation initiatives.  The importance of the 1st Line of Defense owning the risk has further enhanced every institution's perspective of controls. 

Legal & Regulatory Affairs

The manner in which financial services organizations interact with their local, regional or global regulatory authorities are far from consistent.  We are keenly aware of the talent in both the public and private marketplace and the attributes needed to be successful.  

Data Management

 Still in its early days of evolution, the role of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) within the financial services industry is maturing into a more strategic second line function to where success is now being measured by the executive’s ability to push the data agenda forward and drive new business insight and innovation.

Our Difference

Client Partnership & Culture

We invest the time ahead of each search launch to understand our clients' philosophies and values, which lead to better identification and management of candidates with a clear eye on culture and fit.  This approach, along with respecting the dynamics and relationships within each organization, has resulted in our long-standing client partnerships. 

Ethical Practice

We take pride in our profession and the community we serve.  The integrity of our work and interactions are of the utmost importance. Our conversations and search mandates are very discreet and kept confidential. We communicate in a direct and transparent manner as we believe in a straightforward approach to partnership. We respect and gravitate to clients who match our ethics and perspective of doing business. 

Market Knowledge and Track Record

With two decades of executive search experience, we have been trusted advisors to our clients in the areas of risk, compliance, ethics and legal.  Many of these functions have gone through a significant evolution and in many ways a transformation.  We have a proven track record for successfully executing retained searches for key leadership posts including Global and Regional Chief Compliance Officers, Financial Crime Risk Leaders, Chief Risk Officers, Stress Testing Executives, Chief Data Officers, Chief Legal Officers and Heads of Regulatory Affairs.  

Executives & Candidates

We understand the importance of getting to know an executive's communicative style, strengths and weaknesses through their: 

  • Key Achievements & Skills
  • Areas of Expertise
  • Career Aspirations & Objectives

Commitment to Diversity

Treating people fairly and equally, while embracing diversity is a positive business impact. Organizations with employees and leadership that reflect their communities are more competitive, innovative, sustainable and maintain higher levels of employee engagement.  


  • Global & Regional Banking
  • Asset Management
  • Private Equity & Alternatives
  • Consulting & Strategic Advisory 
  • Investment Banking and Markets
  • Financial Technology
  • Commercial & Retail Finance
  • Insurance

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