Executive Search

Securing the right experienced talent is critical. Our mission is to help our clients make these key decisions with great candidate choices. We partner with our clients to establish a search scope and then turn to our database, network, and research to build a comprehensive pipeline and diverse slate of candidates based on the criteria of selection. Following our Assurance Search Process, we aim to manage expectations, align interests, and assess cultural fit.

Board of Directors Search

We continue to be hired by successful companies to identify and attract high caliber additions to their Board of Directors. With a strong understanding of our clients’ business, strategy, and challenges, we are trusted to engage well regarded executives with backgrounds we know best. Our deep understanding of the evolving regulatory landscape and relationships with current and former industry leaders positions us to be a tremendous resource for our clients and these talented leaders.

Talent Pipelining & Succession Planning

We are hired by clients to build talent pipelines for them to engage as potential future leaders at the company. We start conversations with leaders and rising talent in the industry and convey our client’s story and brand to attract engagement. This pool of warm talent is compelling for purposes of identifying successors, benchmarking existing talent, and reducing search-time for the next key hire. By gaining familiarity with potential candidates over extended time periods, our client’s leadership teams and regulators are more confident about future leaders, especially when in the face of current or anticipated economic, regulatory or leadership challenges.

Our Specialties


Compliance, including Regulatory Compliance and Financial Crime (BSA/AML, Anti-Corruption, Fraud, Sanctions) are a core foundation to our network and client success list. We keep ongoing discussions with industry leaders as well as those with the tangential skill set.

Risk Management

The risk function has evolved well beyond its measurement and quantitative foundation, now inclusive of Enterprise, Cyber, Operational and Financial Risk segments, and all tied to the rapid growth and utilization of technology and sophisticated initiatives in automation.

Government & Regulatory Affairs

The manner in which organizations interact with their local, regional, and global regulatory authorities are far from consistent. We are keenly aware of the talent in both the public and private marketplace and the attributes needed to be successful.

Corporate Governance

The role of corporate governance has evolved due to an increasingly complex regulatory landscape. We continuously track Privacy, Legal, Cyber, Data, and ESG talent, for which demand has significantly increased in the last several years.

Industry Expertise

Financial Services

FinTech & Crypto


Recent Track Record


  • Global Head of Institutional Compliance
    FinTech; Crypto
  • Chief Compliance Officer, Consumer
    Top 10 US Bank; FinTech
  • Chief Compliance Officer
    FinTech; Robo advisor
  • Global Head of Cards Compliance
    Top 10 US Bank
  • Global Head of Surveillance
    Global Bank
  • Head of Privacy & Enterprise Compliance
    Top 10 US Bank
  • Deputy Chief Compliance Officer
    Global Bank
  • Regional Head of Corporate Functions Compliance
    Global Bank
  • Head of Investment Management Compliance
    Global Bank
  • Regional Head of Information Security & Cyber Compliance
    Global Bank


  • Head of Transformation
    Global Bank
  • Head of Regulatory Affairs, US
    Global Banks
  • Fixed Income Global Markets Regulatory Remediation
    Global Bank
  • North America Head of Regulatory Compliance
    Ratings Agency


  • Chief BSA/AML Officer
    Regional Bank; FinTech
  • Regional Head of Financial Crime Compliance
    Global Bank
  • Deputy BSA Officer
  • Americas Head of Anti-Money Laundering
    Global Bank
  • Global Head of Financial Crime Business Controls
    Global Bank
  • Deputy CAMLO & Head of FCC Programs
    Top 10 US Bank
  • Global Head of Financial Intelligence Unit
    Top 10 US Bank
  • Global Head of Transaction Monitoring
    Global Bank
  • Americas Head of Sanctions
    Global Bank
  • Management consulting


  • General Counsel
  • Senior Banking & Wealth Management Counsel
    Global Bank
  • Senior Legal Counsel – Global Trade & Receivables Finance
    Global Bank
  • Senior Asset Management Counsel
    Global Bank


  • Chief Risk Officer Succession Planning
    Top Financial Institution
  • Chief Operational Risk Officer
    Top 10 US Bank
  • Deputy Chief Risk Officer
    Regional Bank
  • Head of Enterprise Risk Management
    Global Bank; FinTech
  • Head of Cyber Security Risk Management
    Global Bank
  • Regional Head of Risk Analytics
    Global Bank
  • Head of Regulatory Risk Management
    Global Bank
  • Head of Interest Rate & Liquidity Risk
    Regional Bank
  • Regional Head of Assurance, Global Markets
    Global Bank
  • Chief Credit Risk Officer
    Regional Bank
  • Global Head of Model Validation
    Global Bank


  • Chief Privacy Officer & Head of Privacy Compliance
    Top 10 US Bank
  • Chief Data Officer, US
    Global Bank
  • US Head of Data Governance
    Global Bank


  • Regional Bank / Bank to FinTechs
  • FinTech / robo advisor

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