We approach each individual client and search with our signature process, The Assurance Search Process, which allows for a flexible and tailored approach.

We believe in the importance of diversity for successful teams and organizations, and implement best practices to conduct a socially compliant search process which aims to  promote diversity and address unconscious biases. Throughout each search, we dedicate a non-engaged consultant resource to oversee and assess the entire process and ensure a fair and balanced search and selection process – essentially our Compliance/Assurance function.

We pride ourselves in being communicative and transparent with clients and candidates throughout the entire search process.


KYC (Know Your Client)

We begin the search process with a Know Your Client approach. We invest time to learn about the business' culture, values, and needs and gain a comprehensive understanding of the market. We develop a deep understanding of the criteria for selection for the role, and establish a benchmark candidate.



We turn to our extensive networks, database, and research to identify a universe of prospects and make strategic approaches to build a comprehensive and diverse search pipeline. Our Assurance Officer will oversee and challenge the consultant team to ensure a fair and balanced search and selection process and provide statistics on reporting materials. A vetted high caliber short-list of candidates is established who are ready to be interviewed by the client.



We manage the candidate slate as the search process evolves - collect and interpret feedback, manage expectations, assist in offer strategy and preparation, and aid in contract negotiation. We maintain communication with one or two other high caliber candidates in case the preferred candidate is not secured.



We stay close to the chosen candidate from resignation to onboarding and beyond.