As a boutique firm, we have the unique ability to be flexible with our executive search process, tailoring our approach based on the specific and differing needs of each client and scenario. Below is a condensed outline of the process you can expect when partnering with us. We pride ourselves in being communicative and transparent with clients and candidates throughout the entirety of this process.


Client Examination

To begin the search process, we sit down with our clients to learn about and understand the business' culture, values, and needs. Additionally, we delve into the specific details of the position, including skills, experience, and qualifications needed to be successful in the role. We develop a position brief using this information, and establish target companies the organization wishes to pursue.


Research & Outreach

Utilizing research tools such as our database, online resources, and extensive networks, we identify the talent pool that best matches the position skills and experience. We narrow down this pool through candidate outreach, honing in on the professionals that would be the best fit for the role and the organization's culture and values.



We conduct competency based interviews and present profiles of only the highest caliber candidates. You can expect an assessment from our team describing our thoughts on each candidate, their strengths, weaknesses, and our concerns.


Client Interviews

Candidates you choose to meet participate in multiple rounds of interviews with key stakeholders surrounding the role. We aim to move these candidates through this process quickly, collecting and processing feedback until finalist candidates are identified.


Offer & Resignation

We maintain constant communication with our client and the preferred candidate, managing expectations and aiding in contract negotiation. We guide this candidate through resignation with their current employer, advising and coaching through the difficult conversations that may occur during this process. In the instance that the preferred candidate is not secured for employment, we maintain communication with one or two other higher caliber candidates who could successfully perform the role.